Zero to Start VR Podcast: VR development for beginners

Retrograde Redo-Unity and Visual Studio 2017

February 24, 2020 The Gamma Season 1 Episode 2
Zero to Start VR Podcast: VR development for beginners
Retrograde Redo-Unity and Visual Studio 2017
Show Notes

We're ready to blame the stars for the blues, snafus and surprises we encountered in the basement of the matrix this week.

Whether or not you believe in Mercury Retrograde, when technical difficulties are at their astrological peak (happening now through March 9th btw), Unity development is a moving target that will have you retracing your steps just when you thought you knew where you were going.

Installing Unity Hub we learned that we didn't need to install Visual Studio 2019. Ever since Unity version 2018.1, Visual Studio 2017 is the default code editor and part of the install package. For details visit the developer page: Get Started with Visual Studio Tools for Unity.

Melanie selected the personal Unity subscription, set up her first developer account and validated her account ID. We installed two versions of Unity, 2018 LTS and one of the latest versions of 2019, to be confirmed.

Melanie recalled the time we went to VidCon 2015 and tested the first Ricoh Theta 360 cameras. Here's the shaky YouTube video from that excursion, Greetings from Vidcon, featuring Tay Zonday of Chocolate Rain fame talking VR and the future of influencer culture. 

Throughout this episode we take a deep dive into the inspiration behind our playlists from the last two weeks, despite saying the playlists were for "next week". This is the music that gets us through the hoops.

On Elements, Melanie's playlists from the last two weeks, the tracks evoke a fresh start vibe, combining world music with local performances, classic 80's electronica and the colors of the rainbow.
Elements wk. 1
Elements wk. 2

On The Gamma, Siciliana's playlists are peppered with Joji, spacey house mixes and Tame Impala's Feels Like We Only Go Backwards, to keep you skipping along the deep blue universe, open to the void of glitches, bugs and the daunting curves ahead.
The Gamma wk. 1
The Gamma wk. 2

Will VR development ever become second nature like switching on a light? Maybe when cars fly.

Next episode we'll start Melanie's first Unity project, pick a render pipeline, install Oculus integration and get Melanie's Oculus account set up.

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Happy Installing!

Siciliana and Melanie